Mistress and Escort Mistresses

A Mistress and Escort.... Mistresses, escorts and escort Mistresses the magic, the myth and the fantasy revealed.

Mistress Escort and Escort MistressesAs you know we all love a little role play ;-) but what if you're desires and fantasies don't fall into a neat little box and so neither a strict Mistress or a "vanilla" escort will quite do it for you. You want a beautiful professional with discretion and experience, talent and a wardrobe full of PVC, leather, latex, catsuits, maybe some CrossDressing / feminization outfits, toys, bondage, stiletto boots, and you want to play out your fantasies from GFE to BDSM, from role play to fetish play. You want to indulge your fantasies and play out your dreams. You want a versatile professional with experience, you need a professional escort Mistress.Mistress Escort and Escort Mistresses

Can an escort be a Mistress? Well obviously yes. But there's more to it. When a professional escort, with all her innate ability and talent becomes interested in fetish play, domination and all that being a Mistress entails you have a beautiful, strong talented and intelligent woman becoming a talented strong intelligent Mistress and that is something you want to experience! A beautiful, strong professional Mistress with versatility, talent and experience. A Mistress that can read you like no other and a Mistress that can change gear from sensual to strict and stern, from GFE to BDSM and then if you're lucky back again :-) Mixing the worlds of BDSM and blurring the lines between Fetish, Dom and "vanilla" GFE this is what a professional escort Mistress / Mistress escort does best and its something that no pure Mistress or simple GFE escort can ever come close to.

Lets start at the beginning, keep it simple, a simple and common and familiar scenario: Lady boss. Two word, you can't get a more simple scenario than that, two words "Lady Boss" and you already have an image in mind, and perhaps a vague, or even specific, scenario. Simple but not for long.... How in-Mistress Escort and Escort Mistresseschage is the Lady Boss, how strict, how dominating. Is this leading to Fetish play or humiliation or maybe some kind of toy play, or perhaps something more vanilla.. some sexy tie and tease with a little denial... A Mistress will read you and take your wishes, your desired scenario. Your Mistress will take that, enhance it and use it to bring out your fantasies, allow you to play outyour desires. Mistress will give you the freedom to play out your fantasies and to be that person, the person in your fantasy, you will be living yourfantasy.... mmmm nice. So you ask what is the difference between say a Mistress and an escort Mistress, or Mistress escort.

Each escort Mistress or Mistress escort, (which ever you prefer, for the sake of this guide the terms are interchangeable, if you're being pedantic I suppose a Mistress escort will be more Mistress than escort and visaversa :-)) Each escort Mistress or Mistress escort with AvisBabe has a wealth of experience in all kinds of role play and fetish play and more, so a Mistress escort (and we are only speaking now about Mistress escorts with AvisBabes), A Mistress escort combines the two worlds in one delicious package. For example a Mistress escort or escort Mistress will easily move from one scenario to another, the scenario above "Lady Boss" is ideal for this example - a professional Mistress escort / escort Mistress will read you and take you as far as you wish to go with domination, humiliation, BDSM or Mistress Escort and Escort Mistresseswhatever your favorite flavour is and then if you wish a change of direction a Mistress escort / escort Mistress has the experience and the talent to change gear and move to a subtler type of role play maybe mixup some toy play with tie and tease, or GFE with Fetish play. A Mistress escort / escort Mistress with AvisBabes has all the experience and talent of an accomplished and beautiful escort AND the experience and talent of a professional Mistress. VERY NICE :-)))

So if we take out two word scenario "Lady Boss" and apply it Mistress Escort and Escort Mistressesto a Mistress escort/ escort Mistress the sky's the limit. You are only limited by your imagination. Do we start with your Mistress escort / escort Mistress dressed in latex or perhaps some kind of fetish PVC under a sexy lady boss outfit our Mistress escort / escort Mistresses have a vast array of outfits... And then what do you wish the session to encompass? Fetish play, bondage, toy play? Maybe start off with GFE and then move into some bondage via a little role play... With a Mistress escort / escort Mistress all of this and more is possible. The blurring of the boundaries between Fetish, Domination, Role Play and the more "vanilla" pass times. A professional Mistress escort / escort Mistress has all the talents and experience that are necessary to bring your fantasies to life. Unencumbered by the usual boundaries of either "Mistress" or "escort" our Mistress escort / escort Mistress selection brings the best of both worlds together to give you the opportunity to indulge your fantasies like never before.

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