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London Escort Agency AvisBabes and your privacy.

Escort agency AvisBabes and your personal details

At AvisBabes we know how important privacy is. That’s why any and all information given to us by you is destroyed and no information is ever passed on to any third party. At AvisBabes we are very aware of the importance of discretion and when it comes to your privacy we take every possible action. Your details are kept secure while we have them and no third party is involved in any way - Quite simply we destroy your details once the booking is complete. There is no way that your details will ever be passed to anyone from us.

During the short time that we are in possession of your details they are stored securely and cannot be accessed externally. Unlike other agencies in London we take your security very seriously and take every step to guarantee it.

We will never make any unsolicited contact with you by telephone, email or any other media. We will only ever call you when this has been previously arranged and agreed with you. We will not discuss anything with any-one but you, if for example someone else answers your phone during a previously arranged call. We only send you a text message if it has been previously arranged with you and agreed with you that you are happy to receive a txt. If we receive any communications requesting any information about any of our clients we divulge no information. We keep no information so we have no information to give, simple really.

AvisBabes web-site unlike may other escort agency web-sites does not use cookies. We do not feel it appropriate to unnecessarily leave information-gathering files on your computer. We do not use you and your computer to gather information about your internet use. Some escort agencies do use cookies, even though they may promise discretion, we never have used cookies and never will. This is another example of AvisBabes taking your security seriously. Your security is important to us and we do our upmost to ensure your security so as to leave you free to enjoy yourself.

Your security is guaranteed.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us, you can do so via:

Our Feedback page
Email us direct at

Call us direct on: 0778 998 7669


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