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We know Fetish escorts in London is a broad term and covers a lot of ground, a Fetish escort will be practiced and proficient at all, or most, forms of fetish play and there are a lot of different types of Fetish escorts in London! All the escorts here are based in central London and all are experienced and professional Fetish escorts. As with many areas of escorting Fetish escorts will have many talents, from Latex fetish to PVC fetish, foot fetish and so on. The full list would be pretty much endless but you can imagine, along with the Fetish escorts play there is often a cross over into Domination, tie and tease and other forms of Fetish Play or Role Play. The secret of a good fetish escort experience is the escort knowing how to guide the session to maximize your pleasure. This could mean moving from Fetish escort play into sensual GFE or into Tie and Tease or something stronger, while still retaining the core Fetish experience for you. A talented and practiced Fetish escort is essential for this and only with an experienced Fetish escort will you receive the kind of experience that you desire and deserve. We understand that when you're looking forward to fetish play with a fetish escort you need a professional escort that knows how to indulge your kinks and fantasies to maximize your pleasure. Let us guide you to your maximum pleasure… Call to make a booking 0778 998 7669
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What makes a great Fetish escort?


What makes your fetish session a great experience? fetish escorts

Both important questions and we'll get back to those questions in a second, first let's outline a little about AvisBabes Fetish escorts section - as you can see we havea wide range of different Fetish escorts and each one has their own particular speciality. Most will have a selection of fetish PVC, Latex outfits, Leather outfits; skin tight Catsuits, a selection of Long shiny PVC and Leather boots, latex miniskirts, tight PVC corsets and Basques, skin tight gloves and so on,and most have some Fetish items for you to wear as well.!

Of course it's not just the clothing, all true Fetish escorts knows how to behave in order to extenuate and increase your enjoyment. Encouragement or Tease and Denial, praise or chastisement, your Fetish session needs to be tailored, not just with outfits but with attitude and a little role play, and with the Fetish escorts at AvisBabes you'll be treated to a Fetish experience like no other. Each of the Fetish escorts has the experience and talent needed to tailor your session. Fetish to GFE, Fetish to Dom, Fetish to Vanilla, or all of the above!

fetish escortsAs part of your Fetish escort experience you'll want to mix in a little role play, maybe lady boss or sexy secretary for example -Thigh length PVC or Leather boots, little black skirt and a white silk blouse. Sexy lady boss in charge in her stiletto boots or a sensual teasing sexy secretary seducing and teasing you… As you can see mixing Fetish play and Role play opens up more possibilities, perhaps this fetish scenario leads to your escort indulging you in some tie and tease or sensual domination along with your fetish play… The options for your Fetish escort and for your fetish session are limited only by you.

fetish escortsAll our Fetish escorts have the experience and talent needed to tailor your Fetish session to your fantasy. By mixing Fetish play with Role Play and Domination our Fetish Escorts tailor your session to match your needs. Tease and Denial or Sensual Fetish to Vanilla, Fetish and Dom or maybe GFE with skin tight PVC and Latex as an extra treat? You decide - the choice is yours and we are here to make your fantasy come true.

As you can see our Fetish escorts are experienced and imaginative and with their extraordinary talents they enjoy indulging your fantasies and making them come true.fetish escorts

Earlier I posed two questions - What makes a great Fetish escort? And… what makes your fetish session a great experience? The answers to both of these questions are pretty much the same. Fetish escorts with the experience, the looks, the outfits, the equipment and perhaps most importantly the focus and the talent to read the situation and tailor the session to your desires, focus and talent make great Fetish escorts and a great Fetish escort will deliver a great Fetish experience. And AvisBabes specialize in delivering Fetish sessions that meet your needs and each of our fetish escorts meets the standards that you expect and need to deliver your best ever fetish escort experience.

As you know there are many different types of Fetish play and if you're reading this then you have a good idea what your ideal Fetish escort is and what your ideal Fetish session will consist of. So the final question is….

fetish escortsWhich Fetish escort best suits your needs?

Simple – The escort best suited to your scenario… With a brief outline of what you're looking for we can guide you to one or two choices of the ideal Fetish escort for your booking. call us on 0778 998 7669 to discuss your booking and our reception will guide you based on your preferences. Each Fetish escort has her own style – some are more sensual and GFE and some are more Dom, so depending on what particular type of Fetish escort session you're looking for we can guide you based on style, price, location, look and of course you're scenario. We only need a brief outline and then you'll be in the safe hands of one of our experienced and professional Fetish escorts - making sure your fetish session is everything you desire….

AvisBabes - making your fetish fantasies reality.

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