What makes a great Fetish escort?

Theres more discussion of this on https://avisbabes.com/fetish.html so without going into too much detail,and without repeating the article verbatim there are a few key talents that make an escort a great Fetish escort. fetish escortsWithout going into too much detail, and without repeating the article verbatim there are a few key talents that make an escort a great Fetish escort.

First a deep understanding of Fetish play – Seems obvious but there is A LOT to Fetish play. From simply enjoying your outfit, or specific parts of it, and enjoying in a sensual way, while being observed and enjoying being observed - to being worshiped and being confortable and in control while being worshiped - to taking control in subtle ways during play – to understanding when to indulge more or to move the session on. Your Fetish escort should have a deep understanding of Fetish play and this will be seen more in the subtle behaviour and manipulation of the session than in the overt. Or to put it another way, some people are more fun to play with than others, fetish escortswith some people it's always fresh and fun and they are the ones you want to play with time and again.

The understanding of fetish play is also a talent for reading the client and their desires – not all clients are able to or comfortable with talking about their requests prior to the session, and the ability to be flexible in the approach to the session is an essential part of being a great Fetish escort. The session may begin with one thing and end with something unexpected. So for example the Fetish booking may be for latex and shoe and boot fetish but lets say the client and the Fetish escort begin some role play and really get into it, say Sensual Dom or something harder and from there the play may lead to the use of some restraints and from there may be some teasing and then maybe some strapon play, who knows – the point being often the secret to a great fetish session is to go where it takes you and fetish escortsthe great Fetish escorts knows this and their clients love the unexpected. The sessions are always different and always fun.

Outfits and toys – important, obviously but only as important, and not more important than the two points above. Lets say our beautiful sexy Fetish escort is clad in her skin tight Latex Catsuit with thigh length leather stiletto boots… So far so good, we know that she's a talented, imaginative fetish escort and she pays attention to her client and isn't afraid to move things on and try fetish escortssomething new. And maybe that's the key to being one of the great Fetish escorts a combination of imagination, interest, experience and talent.

Every Fetish session needs to be fun and one key ingredient in that is "fresh", keeping the session new is essential, no one wants the same old same old – the last thing anyone needs is routine – two words that don't go together are play and routine. Fun is fun and routine is not. The great Fetish escorts have an incredible capacity for invention and an imagination that can compete with the best creative minds out there. A great Fetish escort will know how to get the most out of some of the most seemingly mundane items in the room. And that's what we want. Constant reinvention, constant fetish escortsfun and all the while being both indulged and challenged. And that is where we meet the next important talent of the great Fetish escorts….

Role Play and Domination meet Fetish Play - what would Fetish Play be without Role Play? I'll let you answer that one. The best or the great Fetish escorts know that blurring the lines between Fetish play, role Play and domination, be it sensual domination or something a little – or a lot - harder, but blurring the lines of these different disciplines is where you often need to be in order to really give the client the best Fetish experience. Sensual encouragement or a disciplinary tease and denial, or maybe switching between the two, a great Fetish escort will instinctively know the best way to give her client the experience he desires.fetish escorts

So a quick recap –

A great Fetish escort must have a wide ranging and deep understanding of Fetish play in all, or most of its guises and be comfortable and confident in any fetish situation – from being the centre of attention to being the director of the fetish session - and everything in between, and have the experience and talent to know when to move from one to the other.

fetish escortsShe must be able to wear her fetish outfit like a second skin and look great while doing it and all the time be reading her client and know just how to increase his pleasure either by dead or word and always know exactly when to indulge and when to tease and when to move things in a new direction.

And that new direction needs to be "fresh" new is new and its usually fun so the best and the great Fetish escorts have the imagination to be continuously creative and the great know how to make it work. Some can make a simple boot or a little tie and tease (with whatever) a real adventure and that's the difference.

Knowing when and how to mix Role Play with Domination with Fetish Play. A critical part of the mix fetish escortsthat differentiates the mediocre from the best and the great, the ability to move seamlessly from sensual GFE to subtle domination to Mistress and back again, the ability to let the session flow and the confidence to let the scenario grow and take the client wherever it may.

So these were just a few of the things that go into making a great Fetish escort. Let us know your thoughts – send us an email or txt or tweet or whatsapp us.

And Next time you fancy some Fetish Play remember - it's always best to book a session with a talented experienced and intuitive fetish escort – she may well be one of the great fetish escorts.