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Dom and Fetish, BDSM, whatever you want to call it - the world of Fantasies, Dressing up and Role playing is as old as the hills Fetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and Teaseand yet re-invented in some way by each generation. From sexy lingerie - stockings and suspenders to Lady Boss, sexy secretary, sexy schoolgirl to Latex catsuited Dominatrix these are all roles that are played for the thrill. The feel of fine lingerie the desire to be subtly or completely submissive or the thrillFetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and Tease of being dominant while being desired. The need to role play and explore ones fantasies, sensuality and sexual kinks is, one may argue, not only common but healthy. Relinquishing power or controlling and dominating in a safe, consensual and sensual way can be an overwhelmingly erotic experience.

Playing with and exploring roles is one part of the fun and thrill, playing the 'underling' to a sexy Lady Boss or being the play thing for a sexy stern dominatrix. Whatever your kink its necessary to play to discover just how satisfying it is. Playing the part, actually being in the moment, is what its all about- but another is of course the outfits.... A sexy dominatrix in most peoples eyes is not correctly dresses without a PVC or Latex catsuit and a pair of shiny stiletto boots and at least a riding crop! It may be argued that in most cases the outfits are as important as the play - A lady boss or sexy secretary cant be dressed in a bikini, well not usually.-)

While everyone role plays to some extent in their everyday lives, for sexual pleasure or some other reason, (submissive, dominant roles in different situations, often subtle - sometimes not - but Fetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and Teasethere) the Dom and Fetish world is prepared to embrace and explore more. The pure Fetishist may be defined simply as one that is sexually aroused by, or receives sexual gratification from inanimate objects often an item of clothing such as shoes. While a 100% pure fetishist is rare, as with most things there's a sliding scale, for most a little fetish play is more common than you'd imagine. Most people know that they like a specific type of look or outfit, type of lingerie, lipstick colour, length of skirt, cut of shirt and so on, and if a partner or lover dresses as requested... you get the point, we all know that the right outfit or type of behavior for this or that person turns them on, (wether most would freely admit that this is a form of fetish play is a moot point). In the Fetish and Dom world this type of behavior is embraced, put best as "you like knee-high boots? Who doesn't!" With us you're free to explore your desires and experiment with freedom, free from judgement and free to spend Fetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and Teasetime with like minded individuals. Always fancied a sexy woman in a tight shiny catsuit? Well lets spend some time with a sexy woman in a tight shiny catsuit! and maybe next time she'll get her toys - and handcuffs!

Dom and Fetish play, like Role Play and Fantasy Play and even Tie and Tease all cross over, merge and have huge spectrums of definitions, if a couple dress in a certain way and one is then restrained is this fetish play, tie and tease, dom... Who's cares! just enjoy the experience. Whatever your fantasies so long as they can be explored safely and with consent then the healthiest, most rewarding and most satisfying thing to do is explore them. Always fantasized about a sexy woman in a specific outfit, give us a call and make it happen! Fetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and TeaseExplore your fantasies in a new way and open the doors to a whole new exhilarating experience.

Whether you think of sexy play as Role Play or Fetish Play, or Exploring your Kinks, or purely as submission to a Dominatrix, exploring - playing - fantasizing and experiencing are all tied together, all part of human sexuality and sensuality. We love the feel of certain textures, love the look of certain outfits, we are drawn to certain "types" both physical and personality types, enjoy certain types of behavior, and enjoy fulfilling certain roles. Exploring these innate, natural "compulsions" is not only common to all but so Fetish play, Domination, Submission, Role Play and Tie and Teaseobvious as to be blinding. As is the act of teasing by withholding the desired gratification to heighten the sexual experience. One of the most common and vanilla examples would be a woman dressed as requested in lingerie not allowing her lover to touch - look but don't touch, "I've been thinking about this all day.." etc, etc both knowing full well that touching is imminent thereby heightening the experience. Role play, Fetish play, Domination and Submission, Tie and Tease are all as old as the hills and for good reason, we love to play and love to enjoy playing!

However you wish to explore, however you wish to play, how far you want to go is for you to decide, testing the waters is easier today than ever before - Simply give us a call 0778 998 7669

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