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Fetish escortsFetish, Fetishism, Fetish-Play: To ‘fetishise’ is to attribute special power to an object of personal fixation, for the goal of achieving adesired mental, emotional or spiritual state of being. Objects of fixation often hold personal meaning and sexual importance – be it a high heeled shoe, a whip or even another person enacting a specific Fetish escorts role. But sexual fetish is still taboo and this makes it all the more exciting! And for many it’s a lifestyle and this lifestyle is going more and more mainstream with a busy sub-culture complete with clubs, magazines, fashion lines, arts and crafts and even it’s own niche celebrities. The fetish clubs are publically advertised as much as any other sub-culture event. Fetish culture is heavily represented through ideas of costume and role-play. From a latex nun habit, to restrictive gender biased clothing and even purpose built bondage apparatus, fetish is all about experimenting with situations to attain a certain sense of emotional satisfaction as well as sexual gratification.

Fetish escortsWhether it’s gaining control or giving control through role play, object fixation or dress up, they are each exercising ideas of personal power. Some fetishists achieve their satisfaction through measured repetitive actions where as others open themselves up to the mercy and manipulation of others. In the now almost comical, archetypical circumstance of the high powered business executive who visits a dominatrix for chastisement and punishment (for being a naughty boy), it is often argued that he is alleviating the daily stress ofbeing in control, by empowering someone else to take control away from him for a short time.

Fetish escortsThe fetish industry caters for a huge range of ‘power play’. From adult babies, ‘sissy boy’ transvestites and ‘foot worship’ to hair-cutting, role-playing, boot-licking and BDSM ( that’s Bondage/Dominance/Submission/Sado-Masochism), Fetishists come in all shapes and sizes, genders and sexes, kinks and twists. The power dynamics are often quite complicated - empowered masters and mistresses are, ironically only in charge because their ‘slaves’ are willingly allowing them to be so. ‘Safe words’ are typically used to cut short any activity that has gone too far for the recipientFetish escorts and thus, the roles of control are often illusory.

The fetish world also make a point of emphasising the importance of consent and here lies it’s true power – everyone is equal regardless of their ‘role’. In bondage, some are attracted to the idea of restraint – including bodily suspension – others, are attracted to the aesthetics of the complicated ‘rope work’ (often known as shibari) and is considered an art-form. Some prefer psychological power play such as ‘forced feminisation’ where a man is forced to wear female clothes, make up and behave as a ‘sissy girl’. In it’s more extreme circumstances, some people opt in for ‘humiliation’ – where a person is systematically degraded by another, often stripping them of their human qualities.

So will fetish ever become main stream? Probably not – at least not beyond coffee table books and risqué pop videos. For many, it is the underground, exclusive, naughty, taboo that holds the fascination…...

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